For the past two decades, leading companies have leveraged Agile and Lean methodologies to increase value and reduce waste as they develop IT systems. Now, SaaS companies, VARs and distributors are applying the same principles to their businesses as they strive to achieve better outcomes – for their businesses and their customers.

SaaS and Agile: A Perfect Match

With their shared focus on customer business value, fast development cycles, and frequent software releases, it’s clear that SaaS platforms and Agile methodologies were made for each other. So it’s no wonder that Managed Maintenance, Inc. (MMI) used Agile methodologies to develop its best-of-breed IT asset management portal, ONEview from the ground up.

Embedding Agile methodologies into daily business processes and customer interactions has enabled MMI to stay close to changing market needs, rolling out new product and service offerings that provide companies with competitive advantage, when it discovers new opportunities.

Most recently, MMI used Agile principles to build our automated and proactive quoting module, for ONEview. As part of this process, MMI leveraged brainstorming sessions with clients, Six Sigma processes, and its significant IT expertise to rapidly develop and roll out a tool that will extend the reach and usability of its core platform.

Using Agile Principles to Grow Your Business

So how can VARs and distributors use Agile principles to position themselves as true partners in solving IT asset management challenges? Follow these strategies for success

Individuals and interactions

Over processes and tools: VARs and distributors should proactively search for opportunities to solve business challenges for their clients. Clients are constantly evaluating relationships, to see if their partners are as motivated as they are to adopt new ways of working that add new capabilities, while increasing efficiency and reducing costs.  Read how Micro Strategies used an IBM software amnesty program to identify exposed assets and book a strategic hardware, software, and maintenance contract with a major financial publisher.

Working software

Over comprehensive documentation: VARs and distributors bundle IT solutions with SaaS offerings that streamline IT asset management processes, bringing transparency to decision making and making asset adds, deletes, and moves easy and painless.   This is in line with the Agile Manifesto, which states that “Simplicity — the art of maximizing the amount of work not done, is essential.”  Schedule a demo to see the Managed Maintenance ONEview solution in action.

Customer collaboration

Over contract negotiation: SaaS solutions and consulting services help VARs and distributors identify key issues, such as assets that need maintenance, warranty renewals, and opportunities to refresh, refurbish, or decommission IT assets. What’s critical is to use these opportunities not just as a strategy to book new business, but a way to help companies make sound, well-informed decisions about their enterprise assets.  See how proactive IT asset management can make you Lean.

Responding to change

Over following a plan: VARs and distributors know that industry disruption is the new normal, so they build scalability and flexibility into their services. For many. that means drawing closer to their customers with IT maintenance contracts, so they can stay attuned to customer at business needs.  In addition, VARs and distributors need to regularly evaluate their practices and behaviors to see if they can enhance their performance for their customers.  Learn how one leading VAR built a $30M IT service and equipment sales business in just six years.

Agile and Lean principles have not changed, but customer expectations have. Yes, VARs and distributors need to consistently perform above and beyond, moving past the IT sale to turn a transaction into an ongoing relationship.

Enterprise asset management SaaS portals can help VARs and distributors drive value for customers by providing transparency into their global portfolio, enabling accurate strategic and tactical decision-making, and providing tools to manage and maximize these critical tools. By helping their customers with these goals, VARs and distributors strengthen vital relationships and escape the commodity trap.

MMI supports multiple stakeholders in their efforts to be more Agile and Lean. We are a key collaborator to our VAR and distributor customers, helping them evolve their enterprise asset management processes both internally and for their end users.

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