Why Does Your Organization Need Managed Maintenance, Inc.?

Here are the top 10 reasons!

1.Improve Data Quality:

With the aggregation of install dates, warranty exits and renewals – the ability to mine data and proactively identify ongoing contract opportunities, technology refreshes, refurbishes or decommission opportunities, instantly becomes easier to track

2.Improved Business Analytics:

Ability to establish accurate reporting and analytics of the business performance both in terms of sales and the associated financial performance.

3.Accurate Forecasting & Pipeline Development:

Enable enterprises to accurately forecast their annuity business and renewal opportunities up to 36 months in advance.

4.Accurately Budget, Staff Technical, & Support Teams:

Identify possible cost reductions through the ability to forecast potential service-contract renewals and the necessary personnel to support those contracts

5.Increased Visibility & Channel Performance:

The ability to push down to channel partners and track renewal and sales rates against the opportunity data received by channel partners.

6.Increased Up-Sell & Cross-Sell Opportunities:

Proactively create sales opportunities with several ways to up-sell & cross-sell services.

7.Proactive Enterprise Management & Functionality:

Ability to manipulate data views in summary and detailed formats and establish proactive email notification and pertinent data analytics.

8.Higher Customer Satisfaction:

Offer end-users easy self-service access to information for analysis and sharing of data across the organization, including flexible report presentation and profile-based data, with minimal training requirements.

9.Accurate Ongoing Inventory & Software Licensing Management:

Analysis and tracking of warranties, as well as software license support and subscription renewal.

10.”Sticky” End-User Interface:

Encourages customers to return to the site to conduct their business transactions and receive marketing materials, offering the VAR an opportunity to develop customer loyalty and additional sales opportunities from the recurring and ongoing interaction with the end-user through the portal.

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