Bring Additional Value and Expertise to Your Service Revenue Generation Program. Maximize Service Sales and Contract Renewal Performance.

MMI Revenue Experts

MMI’s Service Revenue Generation Experts will work to uncover revenue potential in your accounts by employing an integrated approach to service and renewal sales.  Becoming experts on your products and services, MMI will bring all the tools and resources necessary to get your team working towards the same goal.

Best Practice Methodology

Using industry best-practice contract management and renewal workflows, MMI will proactively manage renewal touchpoints for upcoming contract or license / warranty expirations ensuring you are addressing 100% of available service renewal opportunity.

Sales & Marketing Campaigns

Working with your team, MMI will create targeted sales and marketing campaigns to run alongside efforts to secure additional service sales and contract renewal opportunities. These campaigns will incentivize clients to renew on upcoming contract expirations and create loyalty for your company and your brand.

Renewal Technology

MMI’s Strategic Staff Augmentation Program delivers the technology necessary to manage asset and contract data and automate renewal processes.  With ONEview, your teams have access to enriched customer data, including reporting and analytics, KPI’s, and sales forecasting tools.

Let MMI’s performance-enhancing services help you fill in the gaps across your existing Service Revenue Generation Strategy.

  • Identification of Up-Sell / Cross-Sell Opportunities

  • Proactive Renewal Management

  • Identification of Equipment Refresh Opportunities

  • Contract Consolidations

  • Quoting

  • Entitlement Process Management

  • Identify Volume Pricing and Financing Opportunities

  • Billing Process Management

  • Invoice Reconciliation

  • Equipment Adds / Removals

  • Customer Scorecards

  • Process Engineering

  • Contract Data Validation & Management

  • Channel Enablement Strategy

Are any of these challenges affecting your ability
to meet your service revenue potential?

Achieve better outcomes with MMI’s Staff Augmentation Program for the Technology Channel.

Proactive Opportunity Identification

With a dedicated focus on renewal sales, service attach, up-sell / cross-sell, contract consolidation, co-termination of agreements, and contract revenue growth initiatives, MMI ensures all available revenue opportunity is addressed and actively pursued.

Streamlined Processes

MMI will work to pinpoint any business challenges or gaps existing in your processes while making recommendations on how to align contract management and renewal efforts with defined and documented processes driven by industry best-business practices.

Customer Loyalty & Retention

Whether you introduce our team as MMI or an extension of your team, your customers will appreciate the added value from our multi-touch support services.

Reduced Operational Costs

Leveraging MMI’s pay-for-performance Strategic Resourcing Program, businesses can reduce operational costs by reallocating staff to activities that drive new sales opportunities and better support existing customers.

Enhanced Data Management

MMI applies best practice data management processes to ensure all service sale and renewal data is captured and managed throughout the lifecycle of the contract.

Training Resources

Companies with a well-defined and well-followed sales process generate more sales. With this program, MMI will bring all the tools and training resources necessary to get your team working towards the same goal.

Custom Reports & KPIs

With custom engagement reporting and key performance indicators you are always kept up to date on our progress and achievements towards shared goals.

Improved Renewal Capture

With the help of our proprietary contract, license, and services renewal engine, we will work to ensure that all available opportunities are renewed ahead of expiration, helping you to improve cash flow and increase overall annuity revenue for your business.

Leveraging MMI’s Staff Augmentation solutions, warranty capture rates surged from 70% to 94%.  What our customers experienced is higher levels of service, which translates directly into improved client satisfaction and retention.

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Our team’s combined decades of experience in IT channel sales and maintenance revenue management has given us the ability to create solutions that alleviate an organization’s most pressing current and future business problems.  With MMI’s Staff Augmentation Program, MMI will bring all the tools and training resources necessary to build your ongoing service and renewal sales practice.

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