Detailed views of your clients’ IBM Enterprise in one easy-to-read report

The IBM Enterprise Snapshot Assessment is a value-driven report that provides technology resellers and their end-user clients’ with a unique and detailed view of the client’s enterprise, regardless of the channel the inventory or contract was purchased from. Included in this report is an overview of all IBM hardware and software purchases, warranties, maintenance and support agreements.

This report can be leveraged by end-user clients to validate IBM inventory and associated coverage statuses to help identify any gaps in coverage.  It can also be used as a budgeting tool for future IT expenditures. Resellers can leverage insights from this report to uncover ways to expand on sales opportunity while bringing added value to their client’s account.


With access to unique views of your client’s infrastructure and buying patterns, you and your team will have an opportunity to strategize on ways to expand your footprint within your client’s account – whether through capturing more maintenance renewal opportunity or through contract consolidations, equipment refreshes, or new equipment purchases. Consolidated views, like the ones provided in this report, offer a rare opportunity for resellers to demonstrate their expertise and willingness to assist their client beyond the IT sale. By helping clients manage their inventory, you are positioning yourself as your client’s trusted advisor.


End-customers depend on their IT provider(s) to supply them with the tools necessary to protect their IT investments. One way to accomplish this is by assisting your clients with the often tedious and time-consuming tasks associated with managing and tracking assets and associated maintenance and support agreements. The IBM Snapshot Assessment provides end-customers with a concise view of their IBM hardware and software equipment and associated maintenance and support agreements, offering a great way for clients to manage and validate their IBM inventory and also plan and budget for upcoming IT expenditures.

Learn what’s included in the IBM Enterprise Snapshot Assessment Report

    Listing of all IBM Contract Numbers

    Direct from IBM, Reseller Name, etc.

    The length of the contract (12 – 60 Months)

    Platforms represented on contract – i.e. pSeries, iSeries, xSeries, zSeries, laptop, printer, etc.

    Items not on a maintenance contract, risking service denial and installed less than 36 months ago

    Items not on a maintenance contract, risking service denial and installed more than 36 months ago

    IBM Contract Start & End Dates

    Prepay, Annually, Quarterly, Monthly

    HW | SW Maintenance, Supportline, etc.

    All equipment on maintenance – but not on a consolidated contract – invoiced individually

    Machines that have not been identified to go to a post warranty contract and risk post warranty exposure

Are the following challenges impacting you, your customer, or your relationship with your customer(s)?

Discover the value of the IBM Enterprise Snapshot Assessment

Identification of Sales Opportunity

MMI will recap all key details and findings from the report including  recommendations for additional support and services sales.  Recommendations include opportunities for equipment refreshes, contract consolidations, opportunities to cover exposed equipment or cover near-term contract, warranty or license expirations.  With access to details of equipment and services sold by your competitor, MMI can help you strategize on ways to expand your footprint within the account.

Customer Loyalty & Retention

The IBM Enterprise Snapshot Assessment helps to solidify your position as your client’s trusted advisor.  This report is not only instrumental in identifying sales opportunity for the reseller, but in helping the end-client to reduce costs, track and manage assets and contracts, and budget for future IT expenditures.

Improved Data Quality

End-clients and resellers can use the detailed reporting and insights provided to improve the accuracy of their own internal records. This reporting assists both parties in data management efforts around assets and services and helps to provide insights into upcoming renewal lifecycles.

Reduced Operational Costs

With access to up-to-date and accurate reporting, resellers and end-clients can improve internal efficiencies around asset and contract management and reduce operational costs by refocusing their efforts on their core business operations.

Competitor Insights

With comprehensive views of your client’s inventory, including assets and services sold by your competitors, resellers are given an opportunity to bolster the value brought to their client and determine ways to expand their footprint within the client account.

Decreased Opportunity Identification Costs

The IBM Enterprise Snapshot Assessment helps resellers minimize the cost of opportunity identification by outlining opportunities for maintenance, warranty, and software license renewals, storage opportunities, server consolidation opportunities, and headlights into end-of-life equipment and equipment refresh, etc.

MMI’s IBM Enterprise Snapshot Assessment made us look great. Our client saw that we weren’t just a reseller pushing hardware and software and saying ‘Here’s your deal. See you in two years.’ They saw that we cared about their IT inventory as they do.

Nicole Kopich, Micro Strategies


Step 1
To begin, download a copy of the IBM Customer Approval for Release of Confidential Information form.

This document is required by IBM and, once signed by your customer, it will provide the authorization necessary to request an inventory pull from IBM.

Download the IBM Customer Approval for Release of Confidential Information form

Step 2
Once your client has completed the IBM Customer Approval for Release of Confidential Information, it can be sent directly to MMI at, or you can submit the form here.

Once MMI receives the completed authorization form, we will contact you to verify the details of the submission.  The request will then be sent to IBM to have an enterprise inventory pull done for your client.

Upload the completed IBM Customer Approval for Release of Confidential Information form

Step 3
A member of the MMI team will schedule time with you to review and recap the findings from your client’s IBM Enterprise Snapshot Assessment Report.  Typically, it takes between 5-10 days from the time the data is received back from IBM for MMI to complete the report and compile our findings.

If you have questions about this process, or would like to learn more, please let us know.  You can reach us at, or complete the form included here.

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