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With its powerful functionality and channel-friendly architecture, ONEview provides users across the channel with access to custom dashboards, reporting, and automated notifications and alerts for all upcoming service renewals, warranty expirations, and license renewals. ONEview can be white-labeled to offer your business a competitive differential while data security and segmentation protocols ensure customer information is always secure and accessible.  ONEview offers key benefits to the channel by providing users a fast and convenient way to track and manage equipment and easily renew service and support contracts, regardless of your position in the channel.

Our 2019 Offer for ONEview 

MMI can help you free up your team’s energy to focus on high revenue renewals and new opportunities that sustain your business growth in the second half of 2019.

For a limited time, MMI is inviting resellers to leverage the SaaS application at virtually no cost. ONEview  is in the midst of a “Resurgence” and we are looking for resellers to join the Movement!

  • Basic Implementation = $1000
    (Includes initial data load and training services)
  • Monthly Support and Subscription = $100/month thru 2019
    (Includes unlimited line items for 6 months)

Come join our movement, provide valuable feedback and be a part of the resurgence!

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Data Aggregation & Cleansing

With ONEview’s extensive data aggregation and cleansing capabilities, companies are able to turn raw and unorganized customer data into meaningful and actionable reporting and analytics. ONEview provides the business intelligence companies need to identify customer buying patterns, forecast upcoming revenue opportunities, and identify up-sell / cross-sell opportunities within client accounts. All this while the customer lowers their cost of sale and increases their gross profits.

Process Automation

ONEview helps technology companies align internal processes with industry best-practice contract management and renewal workflows. Through automation, companies are able to proactively manage contract renewal touchpoints, reporting and notification workflows, incoming customer service requests, and quoting processes for SKU-based maintenance services.  With ONEview’s automation features, your team has more time to focus on supporting customers and driving new sales opportunities.

Channel Enablement

Technology companies leveraging ONEview understand the benefits of providing downline clients access to a custom branded application to manage and report on key asset and contract data. And just as downline clients benefit from centralized access controls and increased data management capabilities, ONEview users enjoy the benefit of maintaining a consistent brand experience for customers across every touchpoint in the contract lifecycle.

Whether you are a small Reseller or a global Manufacturer, ONEview‘s features will give you greater control over your data while helping you to maximize available service revenue opportunity.

  • Data Aggregation & Enrichment

  • Marketing & Sales Campaign Engine

  • Workflow & Process Automation

  • Channel-Friendly Architecture

  • Robust Reporting & Analytics

  • Proactive Renewal Management

  • HW & SW Asset Location Tracking & Management

  • Automated Notifications to Internal & External Users

  • Custom Fields

  • Multi-Language Capability

  • Custom Landing Pages

  • Marketing Drip Campaigns

  • Open & Click Through Tracking

  • Custom Reporting Features

  • Data Integration Capabilities

  • Data Import Manager

  • Customer Service Request (CSR) Module

  • Automated Quoting for SKU-Based Maintenance

  • Win / Loss Tracking

  • Customizable Interface

  • Customizable Dashboards

  • Granular Permission Controls

Are you experiencing any of these challenges with your existing Asset & Contract Management Technology?

ONEview is changing the way B2B firms manage maintenance and support contract lifecycles.
The results speak for themselves.

Proactive Opportunity Identification

ONEview transforms customer data into actionable business intelligence, giving companies the ability to identify customer buying patterns, forecast upcoming revenue opportunities and identify up-sell / cross-sell opportunity within client accounts.

Streamlined Processes

ONEview helps technology companies align internal processes with industry best-practice contract management and renewal workflows. Businesses are able to proactively manage contract renewal touchpoints, reporting and notification workflows, incoming customer service requests, and quoting processes for SKU-based maintenance services.

Customer Loyalty & Retention

ONEview helps businesses increase brand loyalty by offering downline clients a superior customer experience – one that will reduce complexity and help to alleviate issues associated with tracking and managing IT assets and associated service agreements.

Reduced Operational Costs

With its industry best-practice workflows and data management capabilities, ONEview reduces the need for manual intervention in contract management and renewal processes allowing businesses to improve internal efficiencies and reduce operational costs.

Enhanced Data Management

ONEview assists companies in their efforts to enhance the quality of their data by providing best practice data management processes for data import, aggregation, and cleansing.

Custom Reports & KPIs

With ONEview’s customizable dashboards and automated reporting and alerts, businesses can take a proactive approach to tracking and forecasting upcoming service sales opportunity, while leveraging data insights to identify net new revenue opportunities across their enterprise.

Improved Renewal Capture

ONEview helps businesses proactively manage upcoming contract expirations by integrating and standardizing the data management, marketing, and sales processes that serve as precursors to a successful renewal.

Improved Customer Communication

The ONEview Customer Service Request (CSR) module helps businesses provide a responsive customer service and support program by providing the tools to submit, track, and manage incoming client requests.

ONEview streamlines contact renewals because all of the data is in one spot. We grab the information, quote what we need, and send it to sales managers for review. They can then immediately send it out to their clients. It is a lot easier and faster than finding out something is due for renewal, asking for a quote, and sending it to the client. It eliminates a couple of steps and increases our pricing consistency.

Nicole Kopich, Micro Strategies

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With MMI’s IT asset and contract management and renewal platform, ONEview, channel organizations will enjoy greater control over their maintenance revenue opportunity while providing downline clients the insights and data necessary to meet their own contract management goals and objectives.

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