Providing the guidance and support necessary to build a more scalable and efficient Service Revenue Generation Program.

Step One:
Industry Benchmarking

Working in collaboration with your team, MMI’s Experts will perform an in-depth analysis and review of your business – benchmarking your revenue and other key performance indicators against industry standards.

Step Two:
Process Review & Data Analysis

MMI’s Business Analysts will host a services discovery meeting to gain a better understanding of your internal business processes and will begin to identify areas for improved efficiency and performance.

Step Three:
Best Practice Recommendations

Working with your desired outcomes in mind, MMI will begin to formulate recommendations to streamline processes and maximize the profitability and efficiency of your Service Revenue Generation Program.

Step Four:
Implementation & Support

MMI will provide the services and guidance necessary to assist you in implementing approved recommendations, as well as developing an on-going traning and support program to ensure continued success for your business.

MMI’s Industry Experts will perform an analysis and review of your business to pinpoint areas needing improvement and better determine your requirements for success.

  • Industry Benchmarking

  • Key Performance Indicators

  • Renewal Performance Assessment

  • Data Quality Analysis

  • ROI Analysis

  • Internal Training Programs

  • Service Attach / Delivery, Registration, Quoting, Renewals and Billing Workflows

  • Sales & Marketing Strategy Review

  • Business & Technology Alignment Review

  • Data Management Process Review

  • Process Automation Review

  • Staffing Models

  • Strategies for Additional Service Revenue Capture

  • Channel Ecosystem Overview

Learn more about the detailed recommendations offered as a result of our data analysis and business discovery efforts.

  • Service Revenue Generation Strategy & Roadmap

  • Benchmark Analysis

  • Data Cleansing & Enrichment Roadmap

  • Process Automation Recommendations

  • Pricing Strategy Recommendations (Discounts, Promotions, Bundles)

  • Staffing Recommendations

  • Marketing & Sales Process Development

  • Channel-Enablement Strategy

  • Customer Journey Mapping

  • Technology / Systems Recommendations

  • Internal Training Recommendations

  • Implementation Recommendations

Are you experiencing any of these challenges in your current Revenue Generation Program?

Leverage the benefits of a streamlined and profitable Service Revenue Generation Program.

MMI’s ability to collaborate closely with our project team, and its business knowledge, were valuable assets in this complex and critical transition.

Roger Mark, Executive Director Business Transformation, Lenovo

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