MMI Helps a Midsized North American Solutions Provider Get Through Important Growth Period, Expand Business

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A midsized North American information technology services company provides hardware, software, and services to enable its clients to gain the highest strategic, financial, operational, and organizational benefits.


Wanting to expand its reach into new markets and territories, this technology services company realized its need to start capturing the untapped revenue opportunities within their existing maintenance practice. While they had existing processes and procedures in place, they were not optimized to help the business to fully capture the wealth of opportunity available to them.


MMI came aboard to help this company more efficiently capture and expand their service and equipment replacement revenues, helping them to find new revenue opportunities and expand opportunities within their existing account base.

A Formidable Challenge

The goal for this technology services company is to enable its customers to be more responsive, productive, and resilient through business technologies.

The solutions provider aggressively seeks out IT innovations as well as proven hardware and software products, incorporates them into enterprise solutions, and tailors those solutions for companies competing in the global marketplace. To solve the many problems a business may face, the company focuses on a portfolio of eight primary solutions, five practice areas and four service offerings.

Four years ago, the solutions provider was reaching a point in its existence when it wanted to expand its business to accommodate more clients, better technology and more employees. With right around 10 full-time staffers for their maintenance practice, it was crucial that the company pursue expansion as carefully as possible.

While growing the business by capturing more market share was a lofty goal, it was certainly one worth pursuing. Because of the precarious nature of expansion, the company’s management recognized that they would need help over the course of the process to reach a comfortable place. But who would be able to help them gain the upper hand during such an arduous process?

Our alliance has helped our company to create over 30 million dollars, a 150% increase in new revenue resulting from the marketing and management of long term contracts.

COO, a Midsized North American Solutions Provider

MMI – A Balanced Solution

Because of these growth challenges, the company decided to engage Managed Maintenance, Inc. (MMI), a provider of outsourced and collaborative asset lifecycle and service contract management that enables technology manufacturers, and their distributors and service partners like the midsized North American solutions provider, to maximize service and equipment replacement revenues.

Growing the business would require a host of efficiencies, not the least of which would be increased productivity. The company’s Chief Operating Officer elaborates: “At the onset of the partnership, [Managed Maintenance] stated that through this alliance we would grow a more profitable maintenance practice with processes generating more productivity from our team members, and ultimately leading to greater customer satisfaction and reduced costs.”

MMI immediately set to work educating the company’s sales and internal teams. Beginning with the company’s business model, MMI set out a course for ways the company could more efficiently capture new opportunities and expand opportunities within their existing account base. The team answered questions like, “How do we position ourselves against our competitors? How do we price our services now that we’ve expanded our audience? How do we build more efficiencies? How do we gain more market share?”

If you aren’t leveraging what is available to you, you cannot effectively grow. On the technical side, MMI trained the solution partner’s staff on vendor systems, consolidated licenses for hardware and software under a single unit, and implemented a business intelligence platform so the company could gain a more introspective view into its own business.


Following a successful two-year relationship, the solutions partner has grown into a $100 million maintenance business. Over the course of the partnership, the company created more than $30 million (150 percent increase) in new revenue from the marketing and management of long-term contracts.

MMI’s knowledge of our vendor systems and procedures has helped us to quickly create streamlined, back-end processes that have reduced the complexity and cost of delivering maintenance agreements and contract management to our end-users— thus providing our customers with a unique contract management solution and the best customer service in the industry.

COO, a Midsized North American Solutions Provider

Now, the solutions partner is considered one of the top remarketers of maintenance in the technology field. Knowledge and expertise manipulating their software has helped them sustain their business after a large growth

MMI and its team’s help and guidance over the past few years has helped to assure that we are building a strong and profitable business practice.

COO, a Midsized North American Solutions Provider



$30M Increase in Revenue

Dramatic Increase in Sales Opportunity Identification

Increased Productivity & Efficiency

Streamlined Processes

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