An Extension of the Team: How MMI Helped Ingram Micro Grow IBM Quote
Entitlements by More Than 150%

In 2009, Ingram Micro, the world’s largest wholesale technology distributor, needed to jumpstart its maintenance contract business with IBM. The distributor turned to Managed Maintenance, Inc. (MMI) and its unique ONEview asset management solution and consulting services to set up the proper systems, tools, processes, and support. Starting at zero, Ingram needed to build its IBM maintenance portfolio to become a major revenue driver.

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We actually don’t see them as a separate partner. Customers think they’re working with Ingram and don’t even realize it’s a whole other company because it’s so smooth. They’re really just an extension of our team.

Marjorie Wermuth, Ingram Micro

When there’s an issue with the contract, MMI doesn’t just say, ‘Here’s your contract number. Good luck.’ They have the relationships to help with the contract troubleshooting. They also have an in-depth understanding of all the different tools that are available, from invoices to contracting to the ISAT portal and the COL portal.

Marjorie Wermuth, Ingram Micro

Micro Strategies Wins Major IT Maintenance Contract with MMI’s Help

As an industry leader, Micro Strategies is at the forefront of architecting and implementing quality technology solutions with a commitment to responsive, client-first service and customer satisfaction.  Because of this commitment to it’s clients, a partnership with MMI made good business sense.  Leveraging MMI’s services and technology Micro Strategies was able to deliver added value to their downline while shaping a strategic opportunity at a leading financial publisher.

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We were getting bigger and taking on larger customers. We needed an IT asset management solution that would scale with the business. We also wanted to position ourselves as a strategic business partner to our clients by providing them with a value-added offering above and beyond our services.

Nicole Kopich, Micro Strategies

ONEview streamlines contact renewals because all of the data is in one spot. We grab the information, quote what we need, and send it to sales managers for review. They can then immediately send it out to their clients. It is a lot easier and faster than finding out something is due for renewal, asking for a quote, and sending it to the client. It eliminates a couple of steps and increases our pricing consistency.

Nicole Kopich, Micro Strategies

The ONEview portal gives our client visibility into – and control over — their IT budgeting and spend.

Nicole Kopich, Micro Strategies

Our client uses the ONEview portal regularly. We set up custom fields so that they could name their IT assets the way they wanted to and gain a better control over their equipment. We continue to maintain and update that information for them.

Nicole Kopich, Micro Strategies

Large Value-Added Reseller CSG Achieves Dramatic Increase in Renewal Rates, Service Revenue, Equipment Upgrades, and Customer Retention Since Bringing MMI Onboard

Champion Solutions Group is an IT services delivery provider with more than 30 years of experience in delivering infrastructure solutions.  Champion needed to find a more efficient way to track labor intensive and tedious warranty and maintenance contract expirations.  MMI worked in conjunction with Champion providing professional services and the unified contract management ONEview portal to better manage contract lifecycles and renewal opportunities.

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Leveraging MMI’s Staff Augmentation Program, our customers experienced higher levels of service, which translates directly into improved client satisfaction and retention.

Growing our business means maintaining a strong pipeline and increasing maintenance, hardware and software upgrade revenue streams. With their pay-for performance model, MMI is clearly incented to help us grow this side of the business. They take this opportunity very seriously, which is lucrative for them and valuable for us both in terms of revenue and client satisfaction.

Whenever you contemplate turning a core piece of your business over to a third party, especially if it entails interacting with your customers, there’s always some concern about how your customers will react. In fact, Champion’s management was surprised at how seamless it was to integrate MMI’s contract management service into their overall operational process model. What our customers experienced is higher levels of service, which translates directly into improved client satisfaction and retention.

MMI Helps a Midsized North American Solutions Provider Get Through Important Growth Period, Expand Business

A midsized North American information technology services company provides hardware, software and services to enable its clients to gain the highest strategic, financial, operational, and organizational benefits. Wanting to expand its reach into new markets and territories, this technology services company realized its need to start capturing the untapped revenue opportunities within their existing maintenance practice. While they had existing processes and procedures in place, they were not optimized to help the business to fully capture the wealth of opportunity available to them. MMI came aboard to help this company more efficiently capture and expand their service and equipment replacement revenues, helping them to find new revenue opportunities and expand opportunities within their existing account base.

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At the onset of the partnership, [Managed Maintenance] stated that through this alliance we would grow a more profitable maintenance practice with processes generating more productivity from our team members, and ultimately leading to greater customer satisfaction and reduced costs.

Chief Operating Officer, MMI Client

MMI’s knowledge of our vendor systems and procedures has helped us to quickly create streamlined, back-end processes that have reduced the complexity and cost of delivering maintenance agreements and contract management to our end-users— thus providing our customers with a unique contract management solution and the best customer service in the industry.

Chief Operating Officer, MMI Client
[MMI] and [its] team’s help and guidance over the past few years has helped to assure that we are building a strong and profitable business practice.

Chief Operating Officer, MMI Client