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Smart Service Contract Management Unlocks Sales Opportunities

2018-07-26T14:12:09-05:00Contract Management|

Most, if not all solution providers know that service maintenance is the guardian of their customer’s IT investment, not only in a traditional sense for hardware—servers, mobile devices, PCs and networking—but also for software and services as well. Business IT managers know it, too. It’s no secret that service contracts add value to solutions delivered by the channel, build long-term customer loyalty, offer partners an annuity revenue stream and, most importantly, give customers a feeling of safety that their IT assets are protected. For many organizations, at the heart of every provider relationship is a sense of trust, knowing that your trusted advisors (and the vendor in many cases) have your back. With service contracts, many businesses look to their solution providers to monitor and manage service expirations and renewals. Who do the solution providers, in turn, trust to make certain they get it right? For MMI, many of our [...]

Achieving a Sustainable Competitive Edge While Building an Annuity-Based Stream of Revenue

2018-07-26T14:07:48-05:00Building Annuity Revenues|

For the past several years, companies have been feverishly reducing headcount, heavily controlling unnecessary costs and delaying important investment decisions. Unfortunately, the aforementioned hits home for many of us. As the global economy shows glimpses of emerging from recession, the focus in the executive suite is already shifting from cost cutting to recovering top-line growth. This transformation in focus is becoming essential for many companies to establish a distinct competitive advantage and clearly show their customers and prospects that they are positioned to help deliver the solutions needed for the years to come. The saying goes, “You can’t save your way to prosperity” and business leaders are quickly realizing they must take the roll of growth champions for their corporations, paving the way to develop ideas that differentiate themselves from competitive noise and quickly yield profits. For example, many of us are evaluating to what level we want to commit to [...]

The Benefits of Contract Management and Asset / Inventory Control

2018-07-26T14:27:14-05:00Contract Management, IT Inventory Management|

The effects of the economic downswing have pushed many companies to think outside-the-box and examine their options for better efficiency through new innovations. For companies with extensive hardware and machinery, contract management through centralized software is gaining steam because it offers unprecedented asset and inventory control that can save businesses as much as 20 percent annually. These savings can be found in the reduction of both contract costs and time efficiencies allowing employees to focus on more strategic projects and operations. There are additional demands that are driving the need to evaluate their current service contract management practices. Demands such as increased regulatory requirements, efforts to meet compliancy standards and the never-more-important need to apply hardened security measures throughout all parts of a business, especially one’s IT investments. All of these factors are important on their own, but together they present an undeniable need for a more solid contract [...]

Why Large IT Organizations Need to Automate Legal Contract Management Processes

2018-07-17T17:03:21-05:00Contract Management, Legal Contract Management|

In today’s high-volume, low-margin warranty renewal environment, many OEMs and channel partners are focused on the extension of value-added services to the global marketplace. But while an expanded market presence offers significant opportunities for growth, it also introduces a variety of risks and challenges – not the least of which is the question of whether or not country-specific contracts are financially and legally enforceable. The creation and management of legal contracts is no small back-office task, especially for large IT providers. Forty-six percent of technology resellers and distributors generate at least 1,000 to 10,000 quotes per month, and 73 percent do so across at least 10 different product sets, according to research recently conducted by Managed Maintenance, Inc. The scope and complexity of contracts requires significant attention from companies’ legal teams, adding time and expense to the process. Legal contract tasks become even more daunting when you factor in the alignment of [...]

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