Melissa Wiggin
Melissa WigginController
Cash Flow Reporting
Financial Reporting
Budget Creation & Benchmarking
Financial Audit Management
Federal Tax Reporting
Internal Financial Controls
Expense Management & Reporting
Contract Negotiation
Invoice Management

Melissa Wiggin is a Controller for MMI with demonstrated successes driving stable growth across all areas of business operations. She consistently drives adoption and establishment of new programs that offer more visibility for executive leadership into expenditures, cash flow, and billing that allow for better operational decisions. Since being selected to head all financial and accounting programs at MMI, she has proven to be a critical part of the business planning and strategy development, providing advisory to the CEO.

Melissa focuses on conducting strategic and tactical fiscal assessments, governance, risk and compliance, management and policy consultation to secure and protect MMI assets. She also actively educates executive staff and business partners on new programs that affect how business is led, transactions processed, and regulatory filings completed.

Part of Melissa’s overall financial and accounting reach is to ensure compliance with regard to company taxes and audits. Keeping MMI current, while being alert to emerging technologies that help control costs and maximize assets and cash flow, are centric to her role. Part of her contributions to this have included developing 6-month cash flow projections to highlight current cash position to executive staff, establishing a new 401K plan for employees that has more than tripled in assets in 3 years, and implementing a new accounting system that seamlessly integrates the company CRM and GP, generating more accurate real-time reporting.

Melissa has a Bachelor of Science degree in Accountancy from Bentley University and has more than 20 years’ experience in Analyst and Controller roles, driving financial and accounting operations in software consulting and SaaS industries.

I love when fellow team members seek out my financial expertise to solve an issue.  It is always satisfying knowing that my insights can bring value to my team and the company.  Even more satisfying is when those insights can have a healthy impact on our bottom line or cash flow!

I love to cook!  It’s a creative outlet for me but I can’t follow a recipe to save my life.  Recipes are just inspiration for creating a new dish to serve my family.

In my down time, I love watching movies. I especially love classic old movies in black in white.

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Leadership Team
Tina Lux-Boim
Tina Lux-BoimCEO & President
Tina Lux-Boim is a co-founder of MMI and serves as the company’s President & CEO. In this role, Tina oversees the day to day operations of the business, and works with the rest of the management team on setting overall strategy and driving execution.
Lina Sosa
Lina SosaVice President
Lina M. Sosa is the Vice President of Business Execution for MMI. She is responsible for sales execution, account growth, day-to-day operations and customer satisfaction for all MMI’s customers. In her role, Ms. Sosa directs the outsourcing sales and customer service efforts of MMI.