Lina Sosa
Lina SosaPresident
Operations Management
SaaS Sales & Consulting
Business Strategy & Execution
Client Relationship Management
Business Analysis
Capacity Planning
Business Forecast & Performance Reporting

Lina Sosa is a hands-on and results-driven President of MMI with more than 20 years’ experience developing highly functioning business units within the client organizations of a trusted staff augmentation, consulting and SaaS partner, MMI.  Lina is well-regarded as a ‘rainmaker’ among the executive staff at MMI whose abilities include identifying and securing high revenue earnings in untapped and overlooked opportunities and markets. She is considered a calculated risk taker who transforms ideas into action to get processes moving.  Lina conducts an operational analysis of each MMI client business model — often encompassing complex and disparate data and information sources.  The result is always the same — distinct customer engagement concepts and aggressive plans of action that foster operational excellence and achieved growth targets.

Lina has a well established reputation in the technological services sector as a change agent in areas of business management and operations.  Spearheading the business operations efforts for MMI, Lina mobilizes transformation across organizational and geographic boundaries for maximum impact. She is often lauded for shedding the status quo and embracing fresh, alternative thinking to address complex business problems and challenges in the technology maintenance and services sector.  The impact of Lina’s efforts can be widely seen throughout MMI and its client base, where examples of  successfully adopted changes have resulted in transformed business processes and maximized service revenue generation.

Lina is highly regarded for her long-lasting commitment to fostering an inclusive work environment where diversity is readily embraced. Her communication style is embraced by audiences from a variety of cultural, educational, and technical understandings and backgrounds. As a leader of employee training, she firmly believes every individual has a contribution to make and embraces all opportunities to ensure that contribution is recognized.

Lina’s skills in relationship building are impeccable. With an approachable manner, she is fiercely dedicated to  understanding what motivates a client organization and how she can contribute to furthering their long-term goals.  A significant part of her success in business has been cultivating and maintaining lasting relationships that prove to be mutually rewarding.

Lina’s successful career in the technology services space is complemented by her Bachelor of Business Administration in International Business.

As an Executive at MMI, I have the privilege of leading a talented cross-functional team of sales, business and technical individuals committed to excellence in alignment with best practices and quality standards.

In my role as VP of Business Execution, I work closely with the Executive Team to guide MMI into new markets and pioneering new opportunities for expansion.

During her time off, Lina enjoys spending time with her two boys watching them play soccer, reading, and traveling abroad.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Leadership Team
Tina Lux-Boim
Tina Lux-BoimCEO & President
Tina Lux-Boim is a co-founder of MMI and serves as the company’s President & CEO. In this role, Tina oversees the day to day operations of the business, and works with the rest of the management team on setting overall strategy and driving execution.
Lina Sosa
Lina SosaVice President
Lina M. Sosa is the Vice President of Business Execution for MMI. She is responsible for sales execution, account growth, day-to-day operations and customer satisfaction for all MMI’s customers. In her role, Ms. Sosa directs the outsourcing sales and customer service efforts of MMI.