An Integrated Approach to Managing IT Assets, Warranties, Licenses, and Contract Renewal Lifecycles.

Staff Augmentation

MMI’s Strategic Staff Augmentation solution is a pay-for-performance program that provides technology companies dedicated and strategic sales, contract management, and marketing resource(s) to assist in expanding their service sales and renewal opportunities.

Companies taking advantage of this program will benefit from dedicated Service Revenue Generation Experts, industry best practice contract renewal workflows, our SaaS Renewal Engine, and most importantly increased service revenue capture.

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Consulting Services

With MMI’s Consulting Services, MMI clients will have access to MMI’s Service Revenue Generation experts to build a best-of-breed service revenue generation program.

Beginning with an in-depth evaluation and review of a companies current service revenue generation program, MMI will leverage insights gleaned to create a detailed and comprehensive plan to lower costs, improve efficiencies, enhance customer support processes and maximize service sales and renewal performance.

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Renewal Engine

ONEview, MMI’s SaaS contract management and renewal engine offers companies a better way to house, manage, and segment customer data to identify available revenue opportunity within their client accounts.  With ONEview users are provided with access to key insights through reporting and analytics, KPI’s, and other sales forecasting tools.

By bringing automation to best-in-class contract management and renewal processes, our clients are able to streamline data management and other customer support functions while capturing more repeatable service revenues.   

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Trust Managed Maintenance, Inc.

Why Choose MMI?

  • We understand the channel because we come from the channel.

  • Our in-depth knowledge and expertise in IT channel sales and maintenance revenue management has helped position us as the leader in asset, warranty, license, and contract management solutions.

  • Our solutions bring value across the entire technology supply chain.

  • Our solutions can be tailored to meet your unique business needs and requirements.

  • Some of the world’s largest technology companies leverage MMI solutions to help them grow their Service Revenue Generation Programs.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

We’ve chosen to use MMI for contract management of our customers because of their professionalism, their attention to detail, their knowledge of the industry, the knowledge of different industries within our customer set, and their ability to be able to grow our customers support contracts.

Tom Mitchell, VP of Sales, Flagship Solutions Group

MMI’s ability to collaborate closely with our project team, and its business knowledge, were valuable assets in this complex and critical transition.

Roger Mark, Executive Director Business Transformation, Lenovo

Leveraging MMI solutions, warranty capture rates surged from 70% to 94%.  What our customers experienced is higher levels of service, which translates directly into improved client satisfaction and retention.

Michael Gray, VP of Sales, Champion Solutions Group

ONEview streamlines contact renewals because all of the data is in one spot. We grab the information, quote what we need, and send it to sales managers for review. They can then immediately send it out to their clients. It is a lot easier and faster than finding out something is due for renewal, asking for a quote, and sending it to the client. It eliminates a couple of steps and increases our pricing consistency.

Nicole Kopich, Client Solutions Manager, Micro Strategies

We actually don’t see them [MMI] as a separate partner. They’re really just an extension of our team.

Marjorie Wermuth, Vendor Business Manager, Ingram Micro

The ONEview portal gives our client visibility into – and control over — their IT budgeting and spend.

Nicole Kopich, Client Solutions Manager, Micro Strategies

Whenever you contemplate turning a core piece of your business over to a third party, especially if it entails interacting with your customers, there’s always some concern about how your customers will react. In fact, Champion’s management was surprised at how seamless it was to integrate MMI’s contract management service into their overall operational process model. What our customers experienced is higher levels of service, which translates directly into improved client satisfaction and retention.

Michael Gray, VP of Sales, Champion Solutions Group
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Solutions for the Channel

Sitting atop the IT channel, manufacturers are responsible for tracking all contract and service data to effectively enable downline partners to sell more products. With a consolidated view of their products, accounts and contracts, manufacturers can empower channel partners to capture both high-value opportunities as well as high-volume, low-dollar opportunities that otherwise slip by unnoticed.

An IT asset and contract renewal management solution, like ONEview, can help manufacturers strengthen revenue streams by simplifying communications upstream and downstream within the channel. These tools are designed to help companies facilitate contract renewal processes by centralizing product, pricing, and business rules in real time so sales has everything they need at their fingertips.

MMI’s data driven technology and staff augmentation solutions support the complex needs of manufacturers’ and their clients and ensures access to the tools needed to maximize sales performance and enable partners to sell more products and recurring services.  Learn more about MMI’s solutions for Manufacturers.

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Sitting between manufacturers and resellers, distributors are looking for tools to easily share product and service data upline and downline easily so they can quickly serve their resellers.

To be successful, distributors must have the ability to properly aggregate and segment data from a number of outlets – from tens of manufacturers to hundreds of end customers. And with potentially thousands of products in their inventory, what they need is a software solution that can automatically pull this data together and simplify its management to provide actionable and informative asset, contract, and revenue reports.

MMI’s technology, consulting, and staff augmentation solutions are designed to support the needs of our distributor clients and the channel ecosystem they operate within.  Learn more about our solutions for distributors.

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A reseller is an intermediary in the distribution channel that purchases software and/or hardware from the distributor (or manufacturer, directly) and sells it to consumers. As a resellers sales operations expand, so too does the amount of customer data at their disposal (potentially thousands of expiring contracts / warranties / licenses per month).  Often the tools utilized to manage this data are manually maintained by the resellers sales or administrative teams – meaning they’re subject to human error.  Without accurate views of customer IT assets, contract, warranties and licenses coming up for renewal it is difficult – if not impossible – to maximize sales and renewal opportunities and build strong and lasting customer relationships.

Lear more about how MMI’s technology, consulting and staff augmentation solutions can help resellers leverage customer data to maximize service renewal opportunities, better support customer relationships, and find new revenue opportunities within their end-customer accounts.

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The end-user is the final stop in the supply chain.  These are the consumers of the technology or products being manufactured and sold throughout the channel.  Their position in the channel, however, does not preclude them from requiring access to accurate data, reporting, and insights into the status of their enterprise, including all hardware / software equipment purchases and associated maintenance, licenses, warranties, and support.  This level of visibility is critical to end-user organizations creating infrastructure efficiency and performance and minimizing related overhead expenses.

MMI’s solutions address the challenges of asset and contract management throughout the entire channel ecosystem.  Learn more about how end-user customers benefit from our solutions.

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To learn more about MMI’s technology, consulting and staff augmentation solutions geared toward supporting the needs of the entire technology supply chain , view our channel offerings guide.

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