Signature Elite

SIGNATUREelite Sales and Management typically leads to 25% - 40% growth in contract revenues.

Do you have a strategy in place to increase your annuity-based services revenue and profits over the coming years? Would you like to simplify the complex and cumbersome process of asset, warranty, and service contract management?

Managed Maintenance’s distinctive sales service, SIGNATUREelite Sales and Management, offers a turn-key, pay-for-performance business outsourcing practice. This comprehensive, customizable solution allows you to determine what functions will most benefit your organization, from maintenance sales support and administrative functions, to a fully outsourced maintenance division. Your sales team can focus on selling core products and services while MMI augments your current staff, and provides the expertise you need to build your maintenance-annuity practice.


"We’ve chosen to use manage maintenence incorporated for contract management of our customers because of their professionalism, their attention to detail, their knowledge of the industry, the knowledge of different industries within our customer set, and their ability to be able to grow our customers contract support."

Tom Mitchell, Vice President of Sales, Flagship

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A SaaS Solution that allows Enterprising Technology Providers to maximize recurring revenues through and end-to-end automated solution.


Never miss a contract renewal again. Increase revenues and reduce overhead with MMI's automated quoting and procurement solution.

Advisory & Optimization

Leverage time-tested methodologies to help maximize recurring revenue streams. Tap into the expertise of MMI to meet your inventory management goals.