Expand your revenue capture with our pay-for-performance outsourcing model

A successful maintenance practice looks beyond the final point of sale and instead focuses on the lifecycle of a contract and the opportunity to build long-term customer relationships. The challenge most channel organizations face, however, is the lack of resources and expertise to create a successful nurture program.

Managed Maintenance’s SIGNATUREelite Sales and Management team takes full responsibility for your IT maintenance practice, including sales, marketing, and ongoing contract management. Our experts draw upon their deep experience and employ a proven methodology to:

  • Identify sales opportunities within existing accounts
  • Secure contract renewals before expiration
  • Expand existing contracts by identifying opportunities for additional services
  • Leverage volume pricing and facilitate financing

To ensure success, we customize SIGNATUREelite to match your unique sales goals and marketing plan. Best of all, we adhere to a pay-for-performance model, which means our team is only paid when your business grows as a result of our services.


"Establishing the relationship with MMI has absolutely streamlined our processes. Prior to this relationship we were working with a number of partners to manage our service maintenance business, but we streamlined with MMI, recognizing their demonstrated expertise in this space. The MMI relationship has allowed us to improve processes and spend time on our sales efforts as opposed to the process end.” 

Jason Hernandez, Director, Ingram Micro

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Optimize your Business...

Service Contract Management

ONEview Basic is MMI's foundational renewal management platform which automates basic renewal processes to empower small-to-midsized technology providers to capture more recurring service revenues. ONEview Basic streamlines service and product data from disparate sources into a single application, lowering the cost of sale and arming your business with organized and accurate customer data and reporting.

Custom Contract Management & Quoting Solutions

ONEview Custom provides the framework for an end-to-end contract management and quoting application for large, complex technology providers.  ONEview Custom is purpose-built to your organization's service contract management needs, unique technology requirements and business strategy.

Advisory & Optimization Consulting Services

Leverage MMI's years of expertise in the IT channel to build a more efficient and profitable service management practice.  Businesses that use MMI's Advisory & Optimization consulting services see increased service revenue capture, better data management strategies, streamlined processes, enhanced sales forecasting, and better overall business planning.