ONEview Custom – Tailored Contract Management and Automated Quoting Solutions for Complex Service Channels

While simple or off-the-shelf products may work for organizations managing only a handful of contracts, they are no match for companies operating in a multi-tiered contract ecosystem.  ONEview Custom provides an end-to-end contract management and automated quoting solution for technology providers with complex service channels. Purpose-built to your organization’s unique technology requirements and business strategy, ONEview Custom helps businesses to better manage data complexity and address revenue challenges throughout the service contract lifecycle.

ONEview Custom increases contract renewals and gross profits by empowering you to:

  • Track, manage, and renew hardware and software assets, associated warranties, licensing and support contracts.
  • Manage annuity agreements and key asset data across your entire account base, regardless of location, type, or manufacturer.
  • Proactively notify downline clients of contract renewals, service withdrawals, new promotions, or equipment refresh.


“We find that equipment replacement cycles are time consuming, labor intensive, and often neglected for Ingram and our channel partners.  MMI solutions simplify and streamline the entire process of managing IT assets, warranties, and service contracts.”  Jason Hernandez, Ingram Micro

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Service Contract Management

ONEview Basic is MMI's foundational renewal management platform which automates basic renewal processes to empower small-to-midsized technology providers to capture more recurring service revenues. ONEview Basic streamlines service and product data from disparate sources into a single application, lowering the cost of sale and arming your business with organized and accurate customer data and reporting.

Advisory & Optimization Consulting Services

Leverage MMI's years of expertise in the IT channel to build a more efficient and profitable service management practice.  MMI's Advisory & Optimization Consulting services ensure your business is addressing 100% of service revenue opportunity through better data management strategies, streamlined processes, enhanced sales forecasting, and better overall business planning.

SIGNATUREelite Outsourcing Services

MMI's  SIGNATUREelite program is a turn-key, pay-for-performance business outsourcing practice that provides your business with a team of experts to either supplement or take full responsibility over managing and growing your IT maintenance practice.  Our experts draw upon their deep experience and employ a proven methodology of people, process, and technology.