Inventory Management Services – Leverage MMI to Meet Your Customer’s Inventory Management Goals.

Are your customers complaining that it takes too much time to manage their inventory? Or that navigating the maze of vendor processes takes them away from their core responsibilities? Do you find a lot of your time is being spent managing these processes for your customers, taking time away from your other accounts?

MMI’s IMSelect Inventory Management Program is a turnkey solution that pro-actively manages your customer’s key hardware and software assets. IMSelect is designed to help Solution Partners maximize maintenance revenues, reduce administrative overhead, and increase overall customer satisfaction.

“We now have the capability to keep all of our equipment under one managed contract, and we have excellent views into the status of our equipment. Managed Maintenance has been instrumental in helping our business consolidate inventory and put processes in place so we can spend more time focusing on our business operations.”

Dave Schecher, Brunswick Infrastructure Planner

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ONEview Basic

ONEview Basic is MMI’s foundational renewal management platform that automates basic renewal processes, empowering small-to-midsized technology providers to capture more recurring service revenues. 

Custom Contract Management & Automated Quoting Solutions

ONEview Custom provides the framework for an end-to-end contract management and quoting application for large, complex technology providers.  ONEview Custom is purpose-built to your organization's service contract management needs, unique technology requirements, and business strategy.

Complexity Survey

In an industry where data visibility and revenue growth are so closely connected, IT organizations need a cloud-based technology platform that captures key data points and enables the seamless distribution of information to downline partners in the channel.  However, no two service ecosystems are exactly alike.  

MMI has created a survey to help you better understand your service complexity, and whether you would benefit from a solution like ONEview Basic, or if your needs require a bit more customization.

Take our complexity survey to see where you land on the complexity scale.