ONEview Enhancements Drive New ADDvantage+ Module

ADDvantage+ the Catalyst to Proactive Quoting Through Automation
March 13, 2014 07:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

BOCA RATON, Fla. — MMI announced the rollout of ADDvantage+, a new ONEview contract module with enhancements that make MMI’s application suite the most comprehensive contract management solution in the marketplace. The ADDvantage+ module is designed for contracted multi-asset and service contracts where part numbers are no longer used as the vehicle for post warranty and maintenance purchases, but rather where a signed agreement acts as the agent for procurement of new attach and renewal services for software and hardware maintenance and support. These support services are often complex and expensive, but provide a variety of services, response times and configurations designed to meet the needs of businesses with large or complex IT needs. Renewing these agreements can provide significant revenue opportunities and growth pipeline for the vendor.

ONEview ’s ADDvantage + allows organizations to maximize recurring revenues by renewing service and maintenance opportunities through an end-to-end automated solution. This turn-key solution utilizes state-of-the- art technology to proactively quote upcoming maintenance and service renewals through automation, allowing key resources in organizations to focus on their core responsibilities and driving revenue and productivity in other areas of the business,” commented MMI CEO, Tina Lux-Boim. ”Without tools to properly aggregate and segment customer information, and automate the quoting and renewal process, a company will not only have a difficult time capturing the full scope of opportunities present, but will spend countless cycles and resources trying to manage them.”

Claire Millsap, an MMI key Six Sigma consultant, outlined some significant enhancements included in the ADDvantage+ rollout such as a notification menu that allows users to view all notifications in a drop down from the user’s dashboard, enhanced navigation styles customized by the user, dashboard widgets, and an editor’s module that allows background colors and automatically resizes windows – eliminating the need for horizontal and vertical page scrolling. “95% of ONEview enhancements are driven by our users,” said Mrs. Millsap. “It’s what makes ONEview collaborative and unique.”

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