MMI Announces a New Offering to Help IBM Business Partners Replace Lost Hardware Revenues

BOCA RATON, Fla — Managed Maintenance, Inc. recently announced a new offering, titled ‘Enterprise Inventory S.C.R.U.B. and Renewal Opportunity Program.’ Designed for the IBM Business Partner channel, this program exemplifies MMI’s core competencies in helping Business Partners to increase annual services revenues, potential IBM GIO rebate payments and strategic hardware opportunity identification, while helping to also decrease the time spent by sales and support teams chasing fragmented and multiple maintenance opportunities.

With this program, MMI takes an end-users entire IBM hardware and software inventory and completes a systematic, compilation and review of the users business (S.C.R.U.B.). The business partner is then able to provide a detailed and comprehensive report to their end-user customer. The report will enable the Business Partner to easily identify current and future opportunities for additional service revenues as well as timely and strategic opportunities available for any hardware refresh or software compliance sales opportunities. The S.C.R.U.B. offers the business partner intelligence that can lead to proactive and strategic discussions with their end-user customers.

“With hardware margins shrinking, partners need to become smarter. We find that smarter partners are going to companies like MMI to help them create new recurring revenue streams and strategic hardware opportunities for their business” said Lilliam Contreras who heads up the deployment of this offering. In one example, MMI uncovered a $2M opportunity as a result of a recently completed S.C.R.U.B. done for its customer, Interamerica Data Florida (IDF). “MMI was extremely influential in helping us consolidate a large enterprise maintenance opportunity by consolidating some of the existing maintenance as well as uncovering new opportunities which resulted in $2M to IDF” commented Frank Ramos, President of IDF.

In an effort to incent other IBM Business Partners to take advantage of this offering , MMI is rolling out the Enterprise Inventory S.C.R.U.B. and Renewal Opportunity Program with a special offer to new and existing customers that have not yet signed up for a S.C.R.U.B . Valid until October 1, 2011, customers can buy one scrub, and get one scrub free – a $2,500 value! Contact MMI today to learn more.

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