1. The Top 4 Pain Points with IT Asset and Contract Management — and How VARs Can Help Global Enterprises Solve Them – Part 1

    Market growth is happening faster than ever. Today’s 50-person startup is tomorrow’s global enterprise, linked by IT data centers, networks, computing devices, and more. All of these IT assets are typically covered by maintenance contracts and warranties. However, enterprises often lack a real-time, highly accurate 360-degree view of what they own, its status, and what they… Read More

  2. 4 Rapid Strategies for Finding Hidden Money in IT Contract Renewals

    For IT resellers, maintaining and increasing margins is not always about finding new customers: It is also about optimizing current business. Contract renewals often present value-added resellers (VARs) and distributors with significant opportunities to lower costs, increase customer retention rates, and grow high-margin IT services. Corporate agility is the watchword of the day, and leading VARs… Read More

  3. Intelligent Contract Management Solutions – Addressing the Challenge

    Savvy companies are beginning to capitalize on the maintenance contract opportunity by employing intelligent contract management solutions. These unique tools gather critical service and asset data from all applicable applications, databases, spreadsheets and reports in a repeatable, predictable process and provide a consolidated view of that data to users. To turn this information into true business… Read More

  4. The #1 Hidden Secret to Creating Recurring IT Service Revenue

    For VARs and distributors, there’s a quick and easy way to creating recurring IT service revenue: bundling hardware and software sales with IT asset management SaaS solutions. This shouldn’t be a hard sell. Companies everywhere struggle to track and manage high-value enterprise assets, ranging from laptops and mobile devices, to software licenses, network hardware, and… Read More

  5. Why Your Organization Needs ONEview

    ONEview is a globally-hosted and dynamic, interactive, web-based SaaS application that allows organizations to maximize recurring revenues through an end-to-end automated solution. In the age of  Big Data, ONEview enables executives to eliminate complexity and streamline the contract management and renewal process. MMI’s ONEview application with contract management, consulting, and other value-added services reduces the cost of maintenance, increases productivity, and… Read More

  6. Practical Tips for Warranty Renewal Management

    A warranty, if used in the right frame of reference, can save both you and your customers thousands of dollars. Renewing warranties is a profitable endeavor if done correctly. You won your customers, and the key of success is to have them stick around for years to come. Consider how your current warranty renewal management… Read More

  7. Why your business needs a contract management solution

    You have your dream job. You own your own business; you provide a much needed service for the technology community in your local vicinity and possibly on a regional scale. The problem is, you have noticed that you are spending much more money than you would like, trying to keep up with the expiring service… Read More

  8. Automate to Improve Your Service Maintenance Efficiency

    Improving Service Maintenance efficiency through automation The key to sending your maintenance sales totals skyward is a reliable, fool-proof, automated system to track, alert, quote and follow through on renewals.We call it improving efficiency through automation. Let’s get right to the bottom line—as a channel partner selling service maintenance, how does automation benefit you? Let’s start… Read More

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