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Our History

Established in 2007 out of the IBM Business Partner Channel, MMI was born from the realization that most, if not all, of today’s technology provider organizations were lacking suitable tools or in-house expertise to effectively manage and harness customer data around hardware and software assets, and associated maintenance and support. For many, the result was often poor or disparate views of upcoming sales opportunity, customer attrition, and forfeiture of profitable annuity revenue.

Taking their hard-won experience and proficiency in all things maintenance, MMI set down the path of creating a suite of contract management, consulting, and outsourcing solutions that would ultimately change the way some of the largest global technology organizations handled, delivered, and renewed service and support agreements and licenses. With technology innovation at its core, the development of MMI’s service renewal platform, ONEview, highlights the combined expertise of MMI’s founders and embodies their commitment to bringing state-of-the-art solutions to the technology supply chain.

Unlike most “packaged” or “off the shelf” software offerings, ONEview was designed to be configured to fit the individual business needs and complex requirements of all of its customers. This includes complexities of data, systems, service offerings, breadth of sales and support channels, and overall functional requirements. Using an Agile approach, ONEview has been built with an emphasis on adaptive planning, evolutionary development, continuous improvement, and rapid and flexible response to change. Over the past 10 years, tens of millions have been invested into the development of the ONEview platform, along with thousands upon thousands of coding hours.

Associations & Memberships

 The Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA) is the leading professional association of the technology services industry. TSIA delivers world-class benchmarking and research, peer networking and learning opportunities, and high-profile certification and awards programs. Members include thousands of services executives, managers, and professionals from around the globe, representing the world’s leading enterprise and consumer technology companies, as well as scores of innovative small and midsize businesses across nine vertical industries.

To learn more visit the TSIA website.


MMI is a proud member of the TSIA Partner Advisory Board.  Launched in 2011, the TSIA Partner Advisory Board (PAB) represents the overall TSIA partner community and provides input to TSIA on partner program offerings, initiatives, market/industry trends and feedback on ways to strengthen the community.


MMI is a proud member of the Retail Solutions Providers Association (RSPA) which is an Industry Association dedicated to the retail technology industry. RSPA Members are resellers, distributors, hardware manufacturers, software developers, consultants and service providers who bring retail technology solutions to the marketplace.

To learn more, visit the RSPA website.

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